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Mission Trips

Mission trips are an excellent chance for you to get down and dirty while helping others in a more face-to-face fashion. If you've never been on a mission trip, you are missing out on one of the greatest opportunities for personal spiritual growth.

Ebenezer Nicaragua

You will experience more than you would by simply giving money through a large organization. You get to see the smiles on peoples faces as you raise a wall on a new church building. You get so see the joy that you give as you paint a house in a low income neighborhood. You get to explain why that empty feeling in someone's life - that lack of purpose - can be satisfied by the answer that you possess. Finally, you get to get to eat some home style cooking from some of the best chefs in the world (that's our opinion). And who knows, you just might get a couple more best friends.

So, don't assume that your role as one of God's special agents is to just sit on the sidelines and watch. Get in. See what you are missing. When you give of yourself to God, he will always give back beyond anything you can imagine.



Through participation in Intentional Missions Giving (IMG)you can help intensify our financial investment in mission endeavors.  Gifts to the Month of Missions should be in addition to your faithful support of our Ministry Budget. 

Participation is simple! There are no forms or pledge cards to complete.  You may start and stop giving to IMG at any time.  Simply designate your missions investment "IMG".  You may write one check for both Ministry Budget support and IMG by designating the specific amounts on the front of your offering envelope.


Giifts to Intentional Missions Giving are dispersed according to the following percentages:


  Ebenezer Mission Projects & Trips   35%
  International Mission Board   30%
  North American Mission Board   25%
  Georgia Baptist Convention   5%
  Tugalo Baptist Association   5%





Why mission trips?

Each year we try to plan opportunities for Christians to team up and give a helping hand to other people who may need it. Generally we plan trips for both adults and students.


How can I sign up?

As we plan new mission trips you will see promotions for them around campus, on the website, social media and in the Sunday bulletin.  Sign ups will be online and we will hold special meetings to share opportunities and answer questions. Look for these throughout the year.